Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Goals: Miles, Meals & Me

The last couple of months have been a challenge for me, but I have had to remind myself that this is a journey to a better, healthier me.  With all of these challenges, I remembered why I started and what I wanted to get out of this experience.  While things got crazy, I have still been working towards my goals in which one significant one is going to be accomplished this month.  Getting refocused, here are my May Goals!

1) Finish my first Half Marathon:  I say 'finish' because my goal is to cross the finish line (prior to closing the finish!)  I know with my training, I will be able to finish.  Being that my first half marathon is on May 11, I still have the rest of the month to look at.  I want to continue on with my training.   Including my half marathon, I am striving to get 40 miles logged for May.  To challenge myself, I am going to be walking my local American Heart Association Walking Paths.  My local chapter designed 30 paths here in my town, and I can not wait to review them.  (Find a AHA walking path in your area here:

2) Preschedule my lunches & snacks during the work week: Since I eat the same breakfast every morning, the next step is to continue the clean eating and balanced meals during my work day with lunch and snacks.  I have had some issues with energy and food so eating balanced meals has become critical on my journey.  While everyone always says to plan meals ahead, it is advice in which I have found it difficult to embrace.  I believe that was because I tried to do the whole week and every meal therefore I setting myself up for success by giving myself lunch and snacks.  Then next month, we are going to plan the whole day!  

3) Schedule week for exercise, work, and social media to provide success with balance: They say if you are focused on one goal, you forget about the others.  This month, I am going to work towards my schedule to provide the necessary balance to be successful in all areas.  When you put it down on paper and schedule the time, you are more likely to make it happen.

Seems like a pretty simple month, but there are 31 days to make these things happen.  In addition, it is National Bike Month so I will be getting some miles on both of my bikes.  Until next time, I am busy working on a Better JNel

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