Sunday, May 5, 2013

This is Me...Now

That was me then/This is me now
Looking back on my first 32 years, I realized at this moment, I am living the best part of my life.  There is nothing at this moment in which I am not blessed with.  Of course, there are always areas for improvements...but I am so amazed on where I am at.

I am in better health then what I was when I was thirteen.  
Most people strive to get to their weight in high school.  Being an overweight child/teenager/adult, I have never knew anything expect obese.  While I am unsure where I am at compared to the numbers, I can tell by the clothes.  All of my formal dresses from high school hang on me.  So I am thinking I am the size of the former 7th grade version of me.  But that is not all....

I eat a better balance diet in which I NEVER did before.  
There was not a two day span in which I would be able to recall in which I did not have some type of fast food item as the former self.  There was never any cooking at home and most of my food consist of sugar/carb/sugar/fried/sugar!  Fruits and veggies are now a main staple in my life.  I love to make different versions of a protein shake.  And while I am still not the cook, I found someone who will cook for me!

I am in better shape then I have ever been...EVER. 
I would try to find any reason to get out of gym class in middle school even when we were bowling.  Of course, the horrible thoughts of the Presidential Fitness test made me get the "stomach flu".  Walking more then three blocks to the bus caused me to get winded.  As my mom even commented on it the other day when I mentioned my half marathon goal as the fact in which I would never get off the couch when I was younger.   Now, I am lifting weights, doing yoga, walking, interval running...I get excited when I get to work out in my full stocked home gym.  Where is that Presidential Fitness test now?

I am in the best relationship of my life...with myself.  
Even before all the physical changes, I came to terms of who I am and what my reality is.  I stopped trying to overachieve to make people like me.  I stopped making excuses on why the world is against me.  I stopped doing counteractive things in which caused me frustrations.  I started to love myself.  Even at 400 pounds, I loved who I was.  Embracing myself caused me to want to improve myself.  I love myself that I want to be around me as long as possible. 

I am in love with the best support person for me.  
Okay, yes..I was one of those girls who said "If only I was skinny, a guy would love me."  If only this or if only that.  Again, when I started to love myself, someone else noticed that.  I love having Josh on my support team.  He never saw my size.  (It is true..I showed him the comparison picture in which he said he has always seen me like I am today). He has done everything in which he needed to for me to accomplish everything above.

So as my journey continuous, I hope you follow me as I continue on working on me.  Thanks for all of the support to get me where I am at now.  

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  1. I am so happy you are documenting this fantastic journey. You are already an inspiration and I applaud your dedication. Nothing but respect girly!