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May Playlist: 13 Songs for 13.1 Miles

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When I first started running, I made the error of selecting songs in which are great for dancing.  I was 
quick to find out that a song that makes you want to get out on the dance floor may not necessary push you during running intervals.  After a couple of weeks of exploring, I found the best running songs for me had numerous bridges to a fast pace chorus.  With those bridges, it allows me a "cheerleader" moment to push myself to run during the whole chorus.

In honor of my first half marathon in May, I am highlight 13 songs which will push me to get to the finish line.  

1) "Crazy In Love" - Beyonce: During our STL St Pat's 8K, Josh took my Nano to run with and rated this song as the 'best running song'.  The song bridges to two different 30 second chorus.  In case you want to stop, I always think of Beyonce amazing dancing in the video to push me a couple of extra steps.

2) "We Run This" - Missy Elliott: Beyond the title, the background drumming and cheerleader-like background voices motivate me to "Run This".  Just try not to stop to do a few moves during the bridge.  (If you do, no one will mind!)

3) "Milkshake" - Kelis: What other motivating statement do you need beyond "My milkshake brings the boys to the yard, tt's better then yours" do you need?  While it is a slower beat, it has perfect 30 second intervals between the chorus, bridge, and verses.  Perfect for in the middle of your run.  

4) "3" - Britney Spears: The verses are a quicker pace then most and the song is pretty much spilt between 30 minute intervals.  The final chorus section is a perfect time to push yourself, and she is is even counting "1, 2, 3" for you.

5) "Let It Rock" - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne: This song makes me want to start clapping the second I hear it.  It had a great background beat for you to hit the ground with.  I always try to make sure I am switching my feet with each beat.  The chorus is quick with a slight bridge.  Motivating Line: "When I arrive, I bring the fire!"  

6)  "Sexy and I Know It" - LMFAO:  Of course you need to run to a song in which specifically tells you what you are doing "I Workout!"  Fast pace with great intervals.  Bonus points if you "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle" while running!

7) "Thrift Shop" - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: At first, I would not thought this was a good running song.  During my first 10K, this song came on when I knew I was going to finish in last place, and I loved running to it.  The background trumpet creates a smoother running pace and the sections are perfect for run/walk intervals.  Just don't want to be tempted to stop at a Goodwill to "pop some tags" during the race!

8) "LaLa" - Ashlee Simpson: Pace of the song is consist with a slight pause right before the chorus so it is the perfect interval pushing moment.  You might even what to "LaLa" on the course.  :)

9) "Maneater" - Nelly Furtado: This song makes me want to do some old school 80"s fitness workout (think Saved By The Bell episode where the girls make their fitness video).  The background beat makes you step often in this song and causes a quicker then normal pace.  Break out your headband!

10) "What Doesn't Kill You?" - Kelly Clarkson: Beyond the line ("what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", the chorus is longer then average so it is a great time to change up your intervals.  Feel free to sing it on the course...your fellow runners will appreciate the motivation!

11) "When I Grow Up" - Pussycat Dolls: We have all tried to be a pussycat doll!  (Even my trainer with the Pussycat workout video).   While you are not running with a boa, the two-part chorus is perfect to push yourself.  I have started running believing it was going to be a quick chorus, but found myself going longer then my normal interval time. 

12) "Blow" - Ke$ha: If I could figure out to get a $ in my name, I would do it.  Until then, this song is a great interval chorus song because just like the above Pussycat Doll song, it is a longer two-part chorus.  Push yourself to get thru the whole chorus and put a symbol on your race bid (Better$JNel)

13) "Booylicious" - Destiny's Child: It was hard to pick one from the group, but the Stevie Nicks sample guitar is difficult to ignore.  Act like the street is your runway and work it out!

13.1) "Stronger" - Britney Spears: This is my power song.  This will be playing for me during my final 0.1 miles.  I have crossed numerous finish lines with this song in my ears!  "I am stronger then yesterday!"

What songs motivate you when running?

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