Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tri Training: Already Feeling Stronger

Week 3 of tri training started out victorious for me.  Prior to my Monday AM training, I completed my homework with a 8 mile date night bike ride with the boyfriend.  The spinning classes are helping with my speed as at the beginning of the ride, it was asked if this was a race as I was going faster then normal.  I slowed down my pace as a couple who rides together, stays together.  

Monday morning started out with a strength workout at Thrive (http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com). A lot of new exercises were introduced which means I have transitioned from my former workout routinue.  Usually after 4-5 weeks our bodies usually adapt to the exercises so we need to change it up. The new sets are challenging, but they are making me feel strong when I complete them.  

Right after my strength, I headed to join the ladies for spinning and running.  We started out spinning,
and I immediately knew it was going to be a challenging "hill" day.  We worked on a  lot hoovering over the seat and leaning forward to get up those hills.  We learned "jumping" which requires you to stand up/lean forward for eight seconds and then sit down for eight seconds and then back up for eight seconds.  Wow...I was feeling my hamstrings on this movement.  The class ended with what I call the "waterfall hill challenge".  Everyone starts spinning at the same resistance and increases during the ride.  When the resistances requires you to stand you stand up, and we continue to ride until the last people stands up.  Usually the instructor would be the last to stand, but one of the girls was able to go beyond her.  

My total mileage was only 6 miles, but those were a hilly 6 miles.  After the bikes, we went outside for a run.  Everyone I have talked to said one of the hardest transitions is from biking to running as the loss of your legs during the spinning.  Today was the first day I felt that uneasiness.  The first 0.25 miles was a warm up by walking and then I was able to transition to my running intervals.  I really pushed during my run intervals including at the end when I ran past the normal stop time to get back to the YMCA.  Total run distance is improving with being able to run/walk 1.3 miles.  

We were back on Tuesday for another swim lesson.  After my diving board experience this weekend, I was sad there was no diving board in this pool.  We started out with warm up laps of freestyle and breaststroke.  We are really using Tuesday to work on form.  I was actually shocked on what part of your body you are actually working when you are swimming.  Today I learned the kicking does not come from your legs, but from your hips.  

During our lessons today, we swam over 12 laps which is twice the amount needed for our tri so our endurance is increasing! The weakest of my swimming will be in the inability for me to breath underwater.  I have a tendency to take in water when I attempt to breath during swimming.  I hope to get to the pool this weekend to practice as I think this will give me a better time and of course, a better me!


  1. Wow...you are doing great! Brick work can be brutal...or so I hear.

  2. I love your attitude on tri training! Keep it up!