Monday, July 1, 2013

Tri Training: Reverse Triathlon

(Sorry for the delay in posting.  Due to a storm on Thursday evening, I lost power and Internet on Friday. Just now getting back to being able to update)

There are 44 days until my sprint triathlon.  I have 6 weeks of training left and after the first 2 weeks, I am excited to really see what I can do during this triathlon.  At first when I signed up, I really thought it was going to be a struggle to do all the components, but with the way our training is going, we are all seeing it is possible to finish!

This morning started out with a 7 AM run at a local park with my trainer, Pam. I do not frequent this park often so I got lost on my way there.  Prior to our session, Pam warned me that she was going to take me out of my comfort zone, and she did.  She made me run a concisely under a 15 minute pace with NO walk breaks.  She would not tell me to distance prior to us running and said I have to move the entire time.

Her reasoning: I have to get my body used to running concisely without stopping.  That the first 15 minutes of moving, our body and energy level is wanting us to stop.  By "powering thru" we can get our body to in a sense "wake up" to exercise.  

It worked because I now know I can run for 0.8 miles without stopping and without dying!  I wanted to stop a couple of times, but Pam would not let me.   Afterwards, we did some more short run drills to run to certain areas on the track.  I did not have my watch, but in total, I am estimated that we ran/walked a total of 2 miles.

Then after a short refueling break, I heading to the downtown YMCA for my tri-training.  Today it was
biking and swimming.  Thursday's spinning lessons are more about pacing and consistence when increasing our speed.  Today we did that while climbing five "hills".  Totaled, I biked 7.4 miles in the 36 minutes.  Over halfway to the distance of the tri.  

We immediately transitioned to the pool.  I was excited to attempt to get the 300 yards in, but that was not my swimsuit's plan.  As I was putting on my suit, one of the neck ties broke.  I was unable to tie my suit around my neck.  Even after some MacGyver moves, I was unable to get the strap to stay.  But due to the creativity of our instructor, Kyla, I worked on my legs by using a kick board which allowed me to ensure I would not lose my suit.  I was able to get 3 laps in using the kick board.  Halfway to my six.    

So at the end of my morning training, I ran, biked, and swam...I completely a reverse triathlon!  I am really happy and surprised at where I am after the second week.  The more I am training, the more confidence and stronger I am feeling.  In addition, I am starting to bond with the ladies who are facing the same challenges as me.  When my swimsuit broke, one of the girls offered to sew it for me.  Excited to keep training and pushing myself to be a better me.

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