Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Learned from iPhone Withdraws

I am a modern girl, and I need my iPhone.  Looking at all the items I have owned, I have had an iPhone in my pocket since 2007 (the original!).  It is the longest relationship I have had.  We have been going steady for 6+ years.  I have upgraded, but always stuck with the iPhone.  

In addition, I have always stuck with purchasing AppleCare for every apple product because (a) the customer service is great and (b) when I needed a replacement phone due to equipment error, they get one to me.  Unfortunately, with the holiday and the phone deciding to "die" over the weekend, the wait is a little longer then the standard 24-28 hours.  

So I have had a couple of days to realize some things about not having a phone:

1) I receive a lot of emails:  Just checking my emails three times a day, the volume of email subscriptions in which I receive and alerts is significant.  I am already opting out of those in which I typically delete without even reading.  

2) Social media controls my life: I have been making a habit to try not to check social media the first hour when I am home and especially during dinner with Josh.  It is surprisingly difficult!  With this self imposed vacation from social media, I have realized how much I have had more time to read and spend time taking care of the house.  I am going to start planning social media time on my schedule!

3) My daily alarms are based on my phone: I rely on a four alarm system.  With my alarm clock, I only have one so when I snooze that alarm or worst, turn it off.  I miss things!  Workout was missed on Monday and made my whole day off balance.

4) No one is EVER available when you call:  Since I do not have a call back number, I have been the person calling saying "I just need to talk to them".  I am the girl who did not get the callback.  Trying to make appointments and arrangements have been exhausting this week.

5) My shower really is only like 6 minutes long: I listen to podcasts in the shower every day.  It increases my shower time by 12 minutes.  When I do not have anything distracting me, I focus on the task at hand.  I might stop listening to podcasts to reduce that utility bill.

6) No one can multitask - stop driving with your cellphone:  I am guilty of it..driving on the phone.    Now I am 100% focused on driving, I realize everyone texts or talks on a cellphone when driving.  As much as you think you can can't.  Focus on driving only! Another habit in which I am going to give up!

7) I can't run without music or sound: The reverse of the shower and driving..if I do not have something to listen to when running, I am less motivated on getting a good pace and a good mileage.  Thank goodness for my nano!

8) Where to leave notes: I left a note for Josh on Monday informing him I was going to the store.  When he came home, not seeing my note, he left thinking I had not made it home.  This resulted in a delay supper as both of us were unaware of what was happening.  Note on notes: Leave on the front door

9) A watch is still needed: How do you check the time when you are out?  Your phone!  Thankfully I had a watch from two Christmas past to keep me on schedule.

10) I need to put the phone down: This week, I have been able to have conversations with people without having a phone in my hand consisting checking it (for whatever reason).  I can only imagine what I have missed by having a small screen controlling my vision.

That being said, when I get my new, working phone...I hope to remember this lessons.  Maybe I will set an alert to remember!

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  1. I love this post! Yesterday I dropped my beloved iPhone and the screen was cracked, completely. Even though I could still (kind of) use it, I realized how much my life revolves around my phone!
    I am definitely guilty of some of the same habits, it's difficult when it's such an integral part of your life (aside from phone calls!).
    I didn't purchase Apple Care and boy I learned my lesson! Signed up today for it :)