Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tri Training: Learning Breaststroke

There was a slight fear this morning with my tri training group as we realized it was pool day.  Every Tuesday, it is all about swimming.  Last week we discovered that swimming is a full body sport so we knew that we were ready for a workout.  After some quick tips on what to eat prior, during, and after  training, we found ourselves in the pool.  Today's lesson: Breaststroke. 

Breaststroke Fun Facts:
- Considered slowest of the competitive strokes
- Thought to be one of the oldest swim strokes
- Regarded one of the most difficult strokes

Breaststroke is MY favorite stroke as you are able to swim with your head above water.  Again, I am unable to breath underwater and have to hold my nose so the breaststroke is my go to.  That being said, we broke down each of the elements in practice today.  I have not thought of the individual components of this stroke. 

We practiced the cupping of the hands, the movement of the feet (frog legs), and then the glide.  We went up and down the lane with our kick boards as we worked on the leg movements.  Then we put all together.

Some of the ladies preferred this stroke over freestyle, some did not.  From the first lap to the last, I was able to see immediate improvements on the ladies progress.  Even myself, I was able to slow down and think about each action.  Our swim coach noticed on my feet that I was not bringing my feet together to provide a good line for gliding.  I was able to make that adjustment. 

Tuesday is becoming one of my favorite days!  It was difficult to get out of the pool and not stay swimming.  I remembered the summers of biking up to the neighborhood pool and spending all day there.  (I also remember the snow cones).  After tri training, I wonder if there are any adult swim leagues.  Not that I would be competitive, but it would be fun to incorporate swimming into my fitness routine. 

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  1. Jen, I'm in a swim fitness club through my YMCA. Several YMCA's and YWCA's (and other associations) offer Master's Swim teams, which are swim leagues for adults. There might be one down in Springfield.