Saturday, June 8, 2013

Successful Saturday: Galloway & Governor

After a week of rest due to health, I have started back on my running program and finally can start with Juneathon Challenge.  Most participates are across the ocean, but I consider Princess Kate my Princess so I figure we can Juneathon together!  (  The challenge is to Run everyday,  Blog everyday, and Log everyday.  I will admit...I am going to keep my rest day as a rest day so you won't see any Sunday logging!

With the success of a personal record on my 5K on Memorial Day, I am putting a lot more focus and effort on creating consistence with my training.  That started this morning with my Galloway training program.  I have struggled to find a place in the running group as they actually make you commit to a consist run/walk ratio.  What I thought was a good interval for me the first week was not!  I became injured and lost on the route. 

On my personal record 5k, my brother helped me find a good ratio (30/45) and while it is not super fast, it is what I can do consistence!  Today, I was able to go the whole 4 miles at that interval!  Big step for me!  Plus no injury and enjoyed it.  They gave me some tips on my posture and running up those silly hills!  The purpose of the Galloway Long Run is to get the distance at a pace in which you feel you are going to slow in...and that was accomplished!

Then I was off to celebrate National Get Outdoors Day with the kickoff of the 100 Missouri Miles challenge!  Governor Jay Nixon is challenging every Missourian to move outdoors for 100 miles by the end of the year.  By moving, it can be walking, running, cycling, swimming, horse backing riding, paddling....just moving!  This is a great challenge as Missouri was just named the "Best Trail State" by American Trails, but still rank in the top 10 for obesity!  (

I took Turbo, my step dog, along for the walk.  I did find out Turbo responses to people clapping by barking.  Luckily, the Governor responded by saying he was glad to have the support of the dog community as well as his desire to have the dog travel with him to provide that much encouragement at every event. 

The turnout for the event was AMAZING!  It looks like it was one of the larger turnouts in the state.  (A couple even came from Mid-Missouri to attend!) It was great to walk the trails with the Governor, met with community leaders, and represent Healthy Living Alliance (  

For the 100 Miles Missouri challenge, I am pledging not only 100 miles run/walking, but also 100 miles biking and 100 miles swimming!  I am pretty sure Turbo will join along as well.

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