Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bike Loot Review: June 2013 Box

My favorite thing in camp was the daily letters from my mother.  My amazing mom a different card everyday with a customized message.  That way, I always had mail everyday!  It is with that same ethuasim in which I look forward to my mail subscription services.  

There are tons of boxes out there for every type of like, hobby, person.  Being one of my favorite
hobbies and workout is biking, I was excited to find a bicycle theme box.  Bike Loot (www.bikeloot.com) is a bike for your cycling lifestyle.  I received the June box in which 6 different companies provided goodies.  

Bottle Bright (www.cleanethics.com): This is advertised as the "safest and most effective solution for cleaning your hard to clean drinking vessels and water bottles."  It is a small tablet in which you drop in the bottle within warm water and let it sit for 5 minutes to clean.  I typically use a new water bottle every day and hand wash so this was difficult to test.  I did test it on my coffee thermos which holds 10 cups of coffee. I put the tablet in and let it set for 5 minutes. My thermos was a little less dark on the side and the smell of coffee was removed.  There was no chemical taste afterwards.  I wish I soaked the thermos longer to see if it could completely remove the coffee stain. Bottle Bright would be perfect for campers.  I look forward to carry them with us when we riding the Missouri Katy Trail later on this year.

Pro Gold Chain Lubrication (bikes.progoldmfr.com): This lube is advertised as "chain luge formula for long distance and exterme off-road conditions".  It "resists build-up".  Okay...as you can tell by the picture, I am a female.  I would LOVE to say that I work on my own bike, but I can't even change my own car tire.  I have a boyfriend love repairs and restores vintage bikes.  I provided the lube to him, and we have yet to test it. 

Surface Sun (surfacesunsystems.com): This sunscreen is advertised as a "high quality suncare products to the athletes and faces of action sports".  Sunscreen is a daily application for me especially since even just running errands can burn you!  This sunscreen did not have an overwhelme scent and was not greasy.  I spread easily and did not leave a strange residue.  It was difficult to test as it was in a small sample size package similar to one time use creams.  I wish I could have tried more to see how it covered more body area.  

Body Glove Surge (www.bodyglovesurge.com): This is an energy gel which is advertised as delivering "more concerntrated energy than Red Bull, Monster, Rock Start or 5 Hour Energy".  I recieved both flavors in which they carry: chocolate & double espresso.  Their gels are a little higher in sugar vs. the Gu gel that I am used to taking, but Body Glove does have whey protein, coconut water, and green tea in it.  I took a Body Glove Espresso during my long run, and it did provide a bridge to continue with my exercising.  It had a good coffee taste to which I did prefer over the Gu, but just slighty a little too sweet.  I would consider buying this product again.  (Looking on their website, they have two shots as well in which flavors I would prefer more)

Cremo Company Shaving Cream (http://cremocompany.com): This shaving cream is advertised as a foam-leass cream "which leaves your skin astonishingly smooth".  Bike Loot made note that they use it on their leg hairs.  Again, since I am a female, I had to test the product on my legs.  The cream is a concerted cream in which you need a small amount to cover a significant body area.  This was a great benefit as with other shaving creams, you have to have a fair amount on could create a slipping mess in your shower.  A small dime size all that was needed for one leg.  It provided a smooth surface when made shaving quite easy.  

Body Glide Chamois Balm (www.bodyglide.com): This balm is help keep you dry when riding.  It applies similar to deodorant.  So I am a commuter biker right now and do not ride long enough to be able to take advantage of the benefits of reducing chaffing.  Because of this, I am unable to provide a review of this product.  I am keeping it when I am ready to increase my mileage.  

Overall: All and all, there were some interesting things in the Bike Loot bike.  I did feel the product choices were male orientated with some of the products could be found in similar boxes for runners.  When reviewing the box, I did think to myself, "What would I wanted from a cycling box?"  I would rather have 2-3 quality items vs. 5-7 smaller items.  I would  have liked a box in which I could have received a new light, lock system, patch repair kit, etc.  If you have a male in your household which loves competative biking, this would be a great gift for them. 


  1. I just ordered two 3-month subscriptions to Bike Loot--one for my husband and one for my brother. Great review! While I should have read reviews before I ordered, I think I am good!

    Also thought I'd mention...your Cremo Creme was spot-on. Many cyclists actually shave their legs (males too!), and my husband is one of them. Haha! So you weren't too far off-base in shaving your legs with the cream!

  2. Awesome! I think guys will really enjoy it! The shaving cream is actually really great. I ordered the female version. Shaving every other day, I still have the small sample in which I am using. Hope they enjoy the boxes!