Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Electra Daisy!

Through out this journey to health, I have mini-goals and rewards along the way.  Last year, to buy a bike and start riding again.  When I was younger, I remember I was always on my bike.  I would be riding with my two best neighborhood friends up to the pool.  I even remember challenging myself and riding the 6 miles to my voice lessons or to my church.

Bike riding was something as I got older, I was always envious of those who did ride.  Because of my weight, i never imafined me fitting on the seat.  I imagined myself weighting down the bike where the wheels would flatten.  Knowing biking is a great form of "fun exercise", I had a goal weight I wanted to obtain prior to getting to that bike.   

While I was just short of that goal, the perfect bike came up on craigslist.  After @HLASpringfield Yoga on at the Square session last June, Josh, my partner, called me about an Electra Daisy in which he found online.  Now Electra's are the perfect cruiser for just a casual bike rider.  I went to the see the bike that afternoon.  While I did not have the money for the Electra, I put at the best offer, and it was accepted.  

My Electra Daisy got customized by Josh with a matching back rack, baskets with flowers, and even a customized nameplate tank.  Last summer, I rode the bike the Farmer's Market, out to eat, riding to workout, even to the St. Louis Arch.  I have become skilled rider in traffic as well as trails around Springfield.  There is sometime to say about having a super cute bike, you want to ride it all the super cute time.  

Our bike riding adventures have continued as we transitioned to a full bike riding couple.  Beyond the Daisy, I am the happy owner of two other bikes: Globe Specialized and a converted Electra into a customized Hello Kitty bike.  We strive to have weekly date bike nights where we base our activities where we can ride.  In the fall, we do the ultimate vacation by biking the Katy Trail!

When I reflect back on my last year of biking, I would never imagine that I would have been doing this two years ago.  I would never thought I would look outside on a summer day and think to myself "I can't wait to bike/run/walk".  I guess that is why I am a better me!

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