Friday, June 7, 2013

Working a Better Community: Healthy Living Alliance

It seems like almost once a month a new chart/listing/ranking comes out which measures the status of
your state.  The healthiest state..the highest rate of obesity....the best city for biking...the worst city for public transportation.  It seems like every city/state is battling to prove their health worthness with stats.

But what is really happening in this communities?  The most recent CDC rankings has my current state ranked the 10th most obesity state and estimated the direct medical cost of obesity per Missourian is at $754.  For some Missourians, this amount might be a whole paycheck.  Not matter what condition your health is, the impact of obesity can be felt for every person. 
Yoga on the Square with Healthy Living Alliance

That is why we are a neighbors to each other should provide the resources to improve our health as a community.  I remember when I was growing up, everyone may age was always out playing and moving and being active.  As an adult, beyond joining a gym program or sign up for a running group, it is difficult to find the community resources to keep us moving (especially with a limited budget).

For me, I have never paid attention to what was happening in my community when it came to healthier resources until I started this journey.  (To be honest, I never really paid attention to any aspects of the community in my twenties).  But on my journey to a Better JNel, I would say an indirect result was becoming a better citizen.

Because of this, I have started a partnership with the Healthy Living Alliance here in my city (  Started back in 2011 (the same year I started my journey), the HLA has been working on the goal of improving lives, reducing the community cost of lifestyle-related diseases, and strengthen our city's economic outlook.  In our city, the HLA has been hosting school programs to promote healthy eating, campaigned for a successful ban on all indoor smoking in the workplace (twice), and providing free community exercise programs to increase movement. 

It was last year which I became exposed to the Healthy Living Alliance during free Friday lunchtime Yoga on the Square.  It was not until recently in which I expressed interest in being a Healthy Living Alliance Ambassador which by discussing my lifestyle changes, we could use my story to motivate my neighborhoods. 

I am excited to see where our partnership goes as well as energized for another year of Yoga on the Square.  I challenge all of you to outreach to your community to see what resources they have as well as how you can get involved. 

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