Thursday, June 20, 2013

Triathlon Training: It's Pool Time

Day two of triathlon training for me was really day three for the ladies.  I had to miss the second day due to a significant migraine in which floored me for two days.  I don’t get migraines often, but when I do..I cannot do anything.  Our Thursday’s sessions will always be a combination class: Swim/Run, Bike/Run, or Swim/Bike.  Today it was Swim/Bike.

During my first session, I had concerns on how my bike was set up. Best tip with any training: Ask questions or request assistance if you have concerns!  By outreaching to the program director, I was able to get a great fit on my spinning bike prior to our session and even wrote it down those settings so I will remember!  The goal for me in every group training session is to take that knowledge to adapt to my own training.  Now, I am good to go on my spinning bike.

We started out the session in the pool.  I was quickly reminded of the swimming lessons in my younger years at our neighborhood swim club.  My kryptonite when I was younger was the ability to put my face in the water without swallowing water.   This is the case here as well.  We started out with the basics of the freestyle swimming by talking about the pull of your hands when they hit the water and then the minimalist action of kicking your feet.  Fun fact: Most people believe your feet propel you; it really is your arms and shoulders.

Then we were off on our laps.  The first round we did was with a kick board only.  My muscles were fully aware of a new type of exercise in which they were being used for.  Again, when the focus of the pull of your hands is the most significant propel motion, using just your feet exhausted me down and back.  The next two laps were without the use of the board and with our coach of the day, Kyla, helping us with form.  

I quickly became aware of how much energy and muscles you use to swim as well as how freestyle is not my strong stroke.  I have always preferred the breast stroke, and it showed today in my strength.  I believe for my training I am going to do a combination of both strokes.  We did three laps total so we are halfway there for the sprint triathlon.  We ended the training working on cadence on the spin bike: same RPM for a long period of time. 

After the first week, I am so glad to have this resource to get me ready to my sprint triathlon.  It is a perfect way not only to work on getting healthy in a different way, but also to get prepared for my next goal.  In addition, it is great to working out with a great group of ladies who have the same goal for me.  Tomorrow is a day of rest and then Saturday is back running!

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