Monday, June 24, 2013

Tri Training: Day of Improvements

I woke up super excited this morning when I realized it was start of my second week of tri training.  My Mondays will be a longer workout day as the first hour will be strength training at Thrive Personal Fitness ( and then tri training (cardio) at the YMCA Ward Branch. So after a kettle bell workout at Thrive, I was able to get to tri training and get ready for our workout.

After a humid 5-mile bike ride last night on my own, I was excited to be spinning inside this morning without sweating.  The bike adjustment worked well this morning.  We worked on “hills” as on the course there is a “monster” of a hill.  I was able to sustain a long-standing time with resistance, but not as long as I wanted to.  I have to realize it takes time to get to the point the others are.  I cannot compare myself to them, just compare on my progress.

I was able to ride 6.2 miles with different resistance in the thirty minutes.  My challenge this week will to be able to find cycling shoes as the pedals on the spin bike dug into my soles. Since we will be running right after biking, we transitioned to running after biking.  I was prepared for my running and was able to transition quickly.

For my personal running drills, I have been training on my long runs at 30 seconds running/45 seconds walking.  Since distance was limited on the tri training runs, I really pushed my running into a full out run vs. shuffling I do during my long runs.  My focus on that adjustment made a significant difference! 
I PR’ed my mile pace this AM at 13:38!  For someone who was averaging a 17-minute pace during a 5K two months ago, I am excited about this new pace. 

So today was a great day to already see improvements on just a couple adjustments to my training.  Tomorrow, the YMCA will provide a brief nutrition seminar prior to a full class of swimming. After last week’s swim lessons, I am excited to get back in the pool to see what improvements I can make on my swimming.   


  1. Congrats on your improved mile and keep up the great training work! When is your race?

    1. Thanks for stopping by!. My race is August 10th! It seems so far away, but it is only seven weeks. I need to really work on my biking as that the weakness for me.