Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye Moon, Hello August

Usually August is not a month I took forward to, but this year I am embracing the eight month of the year!  

July started out with so much promise.  I was strong with my tri training; my health was improving; my schedule was in place; and my family was strong.  Then, my iPhone died.  In the future if the iPhone goes again, I will start becoming concern. After the phone, my health was next.  Due to an increased tri training schedule, my body's weakness were exposed, my pain increased, and I had to make the choice to drop out of my upcoming sprint tri. Then at the end of the month, I unexpectedly had to say goodbye to my oldest dog, Dolce.  

I could write a lot more about the month of disappointment, but I am ready to mentally move on. Reflecting back on the month, I know there is nothing I could do to change what happened.  My motivation was there; there were just some strong setbacks.  I have had setbacks in my journey before and will again in the future.  Each time I get thru them.  So for the month of August, I am working on a couple of goals.  

1) My blog: The first weekend of August I am attending my first blogging conference in Kansas City (  I hope to learn how to utlitize social media and the resources which are out there.  In addition, I have purchased my own domain so I would like to move this page to the new address of  Hopefully by the end of August, you will be reading me at a new location.

2) My running: Since I had to make the difficult decision on stepping away from the sprint tri this year, I am fully focused on improving my run/walk intervals.  Before I was injured, I started seeing improvements already with being able to run longer, and I felt stronger.  So with the help of my new running coach Rachel (, I have a new plan in place to improve my intervals and distance. Still planning for two more half marathons by the end of year with a full next year

3) My diet: I have to eat more!  My daily calories is about 200-300 short of what I need for my activity level.  I am improving on increasing my calories and making sure they are quality calories.  There is always room for improvement.  With the encouragement of my trainer, I am adding new veggies as well as learning how to cook them!  

So here's to a better August and a Better JNel.


  1. Great goals for August! I am also working on run/walk intervals. I find they are so helpful with keeping my knees happy.
    Happy Running! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Great meeting you tonight. Bummer about the tri, I'm sure you'll meet your goals of the half marathons. Props to you for eating more veggies too. Nice meeting you tonight and I'm looking forward to earning a lot ths weekend too :)