Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is It Worth It: Small Orange Julius

Just like everyone American out there, I love a great deal especially if it is eating out.  As a family, we have significantly cut back on our dining out and only allowing ourselves one weekly date night dining experience. Even if we eat out one time a week, our restaurant decisions are sometimes controlled by the special or promotion in which the establishment is offering.  

While we stick to our commitment of eating out one time a week, it is difficult not to break that commitment with all of the food advertising specials out there.  How many times have you said, "But it is on special?  Or it is only 50 cents more!" So I am starting a new series called "It It Worth It?" 

Is It Worth It?: Small Orange Julius 

Right now, all Dairy Queen/ Orange Julius locations are offering a small Julius or fruit smoothie for $1.49.  Never growing up near a Orange Julius, I have never tried one of these drinks.  According to Josh, it might have been a good thing as he is certain I would have loved it.  Due to my early on addiction to Tang drink, I am sure I would have been an Orange Julius fan.  
Orange Julius is hoping to grab those consumers who believe that since it is fruit is it healthy.  It is the same marketing strategy of McDonald's with their fresh fruit smoothies in which the medium size is more calories then the 4 piece chicken nuggets (which still is not a healthy option).  A small classic Orange Julius, the sugar count of is 51 grams and 210 calories. (  Even the 'light' option of a light orange smoothie has 32 grams of sugars with 140 calories.  Both options sugar levels would make you want to brush your teeth afterwards.  Even knowing fruit has natural sugar, upon more investigation, an Orange Julius & orange smoothie has NO real fruit so this drinks are pure sugar.  

Instead of a smoothie or Orange Julius, if you need desire a DQ dessert, choose the kids' cone. While the calories are similar, the amount of sugar (51 grams vs. 18 grams) is a significant reduction.  You could even reduce the calories/sugar more by removing the cone and requesting it in a dish.  Add some bananas on top to ice cream to give you some  potassium and magnesium.  Even better, remove the ice cream, stay at home, and enjoy the banana which on average are 45 cents a pound.  For what you paid for the Orange Julius, you could have bought 3 pounds of banana.  

Skip the Orange Julius - Buy Bananas

*If you have questions or concerns about nutrition, please consult a medical professional as I am not."


  1. That is amazing! We live next to a DQ but we don't eat there and after reading this I am glad. It is really annoying when companies try to get you to by "healthy" things that aren't even close to that category.

    1. People do not know what is healthy or not. I have a friend is fustrated because she is not losing weight. She is not eating breakfast, salad for lunch, and salad for dinner. She thinks that is healthy. With so much knowledge out there, consumers need to research themselves.

  2. We never had Orange Julius when I was growing up, and now that they have combined with DQ, I can say that I wasn't missing anything. Don't get me wrong, I will totally be having a smores blizzard this weekend, but its an occasional treat.

    I hate when places like this, or even Smoothie King, try to market themselves as healthy, and then you find out how much sugar is in many of their items. Very deceiving for people truly looking for a healthy option.

    1. Order the small blizzard! What is sometimes deceiving is just looking at the numbers. Fruit has sugar which is reported as sugar. For the Orange Julius, they have the ingredients listed online with no reported fruit in it. I can not speak about Smoothie King, but I know starbucks smoothies just add the classic sweetner which you ask for them to remove. Then it is all fruit & protein! It just come down to us specifically asking what is in our food and drinks (another reason why don't eat takes 10 minutes for me to order!)